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Great Quality Materials

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The timber has been carefully chosen to avoid nasty chemical exposure to your children. It is from the Spruce family and, like cedar, is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect damage. The Swing and Slide sets come with a 10 year warranty on the timber workmanship so you know they're going to last. 

The timber posts and swingbeam size are important for the strength of the set. These are important elements in your selection. The oversized bolts and lag screws are electrogalvinised to prevent against corrosion and the zinc coated deck screws are commercial grade.

Coach bolts are used to attach the iron ductile swing holders to the swingbeam and go through the beam completely to ensure the strongest hold whilst your children are swinging.

 The Preschool Playhouse is made from NZ pine (pinus radiata)and is ACQ treated (Alkaline Copper Quarternary) which prevents fungi and wood boring insects. It is the preferred environmental treatment option over CCA when timber needs to be treated. The Playhouse comes with a 1 year warranty on both timber and accessories.

The other Playhouses use heat and pressure treated pine to protect your children and the environment from the chemicals of treated pine. This gives you a clean slate to work from. We recommend applying a good quality timber oil or stain to protect the timber and using a sealant such as Metallix to the base of the sets to prevent premature erosion of the timber - particularly in areas that are not quick draining.