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Extreme Tube Slide for a 1.5m platform

The Extreme Tube Slide is a kids dream come true in their own back yard. How cool would that be!! This must be attached to 4x4 posts which are reinforced in the ground to ensure the structure is of utmost stability. Once attached the structure is self supporting.

It is designed for a platform height of 1.56m. The perfect height to launch from! The diameter of the tube slide is 61cm and the recommended weight limit is up to 60kg so your children can use this for years to come. It is also UV protected against fading to keep looking greener than your grass!

The top edge of the tube slide when erected to the correct height, sits at 221cm. This then means the bottom of the opening of the tube slide will sit 3.8 - 5cm above the deck height of 146cm. See diagrams attached.

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