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Playground Slides

Playground slides for kids of all ages

Children's Slides available to purchase on their own

We have slides and swing and slide sets for kids of all ages - From toddlers right through to young children including; Extreme, Radical Tube & Super Scoop slides!

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Tube slide - 1.5m deck height $997 $997
Super Wave slide 1.5m deck height $359 $359
Tube slide 2.1m deck height $1,197 $1,197
Wave Slide +Water attachment - 1.5m or 1.2m deck height options from $299 $359 $359
Super Scoop Slide 2.1m deck $1,450 $1,450
Super Scoop Slide 1.8m deck Out of stock - $1,197 Out of stock - $1,197
Commercial slide - NZS approved - KBT - bronco Out of stock - $1,999 Out of stock - $1,999