Summer 2020 update

Hi All

We certainly hope you are enjoying some valuable family time over the summer holidays. It's great to have the longer days to fit more outdoor activities into your day right?

There have been a couple of changes at our end recently. Our new stock of playground sets has arrived in, which is great, so we are now fully stocked again. Layby or order yours today. There is still plenty of outdoor time to be enjoyed. You could be the most popular parent or grandparent in the neighbourhood.

Look out for Pop Up stores and new display venues to follow as we say goodby to our Edgeware store at the end of February:

We believe this increased flexibility will mean more of you will get to see how awesome our products are before you buy :)

Also, check out some of our new commercial product available for pre-schools and community based areas. We have plenty more to offer so watch out for updates.



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