Spring time

Wow, haven't we all had enough of the wet weather? At least it is getting warmer and we can make the most of the outdoors when the rain does stop.

In August we were lucky enough to be able to spend some time in Auckland at the Baby Show and we met lots of lovely families with their young ones or mothers-to-be planning for the future.

This month we have also added in a warehouse in Auckland. They are currently stocking most of our model lines so if you want to save on freight you can pick up from them in Airport Oaks. Its great to have them on board.

Christchurch is back in stock with nearly all products too. More of the popular rock wall holds will arrive in early October. This has been delayed due to transhipping congestion unfortunately.

Our hearts go out to those in the path of Hurricane Irma and to those in the recent Mexico earthquake. Our next stock shipment of swing and slide sets from the USA will undoubtedly be delayed due to the hurricane so best you reserve your order today. We will keep you posted.

School holidays in October are approaching fast. This would be a great time to build a playground set for your kids to keep them entertained. Or finish the one you started last year! :)


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