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 Do you hope to encourage active play in a safe outdoor setting? Are you looking for kids playground equipment to enhance your area rather than detract from it?  Got a childs birthday or the holidays coming up and lots of kids coming over?  Then Kiwiplay can help. Grab yourself a playground kitset and a spare weekend to put it up and you will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Or for early learning centres, community groups and commercial enterprises where children's development and active entertainment is important, we can help there too.

NZ owned

We are one of New Zealand's leading suppliers of quality wooden play equipment, swings, slides & other accessories for residential use and safety is paramount to us too. We source the best outdoor playground equipment for you and offer value for money along with great support service.
Kiwiplay - Build a DIY backyard playground in your own home!

We are an NZ owned company so all profits stay in New Zealand. We believe in providing our young children with opportunities to laugh and play and to have fun every day. We believe in helping the community and regional causes where we can.

Constructing Your Own Playground Equipment

If part of the adventure is building your own playground from scratch then we can also provide you with top quality slides, and swings and also some fabulous accessories to go with it. We do suggest you price up the project before you begin though and compare it with one of our fully complete playground kit-sets. You will be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Creating memories

Once you have made your selection, spent the weekend installing it and proudly shown off your new playground equipment to all your mates, you can sit back and relax. Now you can enjoy the reward of watching and listening to the fun and laughter of your children playing outside, knowing that you are creating some fabulous memories for years to come.

Customer Testimonials:

Parent Testimonials

Re the Kiwi: I have put the unit together and am very impressed with the clear and precise instructions. I am a builder by trade and have found many kit sets are missing parts, poorly manufactured and average quality. This kit set is quite the opposite to that, thank you for supplying such a good quality product! 
(Shane - Greymouth)

Re the Playhouse: "we put the playground together on the weekend - it looks fantastic! The kids absolutely loved it and its really sturdy & good quality so we are very pleased thank you"

 Thank you for another year's full use of 'The Kiwi'. My daughters and their friends have loved climbing, swinging and sliding all summer. We've even installed a sandpit underneath to make use of the shady spot under the viewing platform. A quality product I would not hesitate to recommend. 
(Trina - Wellington)


See our video here and our Kids Testimonial video here